PATIENT, folded wings; with lifted head,
Watchful, outlooking seawards, sits the Form
Which, dragon-like, defies the approaching storm
That gathering in the west moves on to spread
Rhos-sili's sands with foam, or, gentlier, shed
It's burden o'er the wardship of the Worm,-
The faerie land of gower where wonders swarm
Of Arthur's might, or Merlin's magic, bred.
So frown ye guardian cliffs that us surround,
To keep us free within! The tempest's shock
And the assaulting billows make rebound;
But not to deafen us; lest we should mock
The cries of anguish'd peoples whose fair lands
Are ravaged by the lustful [foreign] bands.

Herbert New 1876
Solicitor, mayor of Evesham, Worcestershire 1885 and Alderman of the borough. An accomplished poet he was also head of Oat Street Unitarian Chapel (Evesham) and president of the British and Foreign Unitarian Association.
Herbert New